The US has imposed new economic sanctions on Venezuela, aimed at preventing its officials from selling off state oil assets in return for kickbacks.
I vecchi bolivar, aveva comunque precisato, "coesisteranno con i nuovi fino alla loro progressiva estinzione".
What was the result?Eres lo Peor hay un Dios y el te lo hará pagar!Those leaving speak of the struggle to feed their families and growing levels of child malnutrition which have hit 70 in some rural areas.Maduro ha inoltre annunciato che il valore della criptomoneta nazionale, il Petro, sarà.600 bolivar sovrani (360.000.000 di vecchi bolivar) e che l'Iva aumenterà dall'attuale 12.Los sobrinos de, nicolás Maduro, Efraín Antonio Campo Flores y Francisco Franqui Flores de Freitas, fueron declarados culpables de conspirar para transportar drogas.The National videos de sexo con gostodas brasilenas en linea Electoral Council (CNE) put it at just 46 but the opposition alleges it was even lower.We have to have new elections in Venezuela he said."The United States stands with democratic nations in support of the Venezuelan people and will take swift economic and diplomatic actions to support the restoration of their democracy US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.María Claudia Montoya Libreros: "Que tal el cinismo de este psicópata, cree con su discurso barato el mundo le va creer después de ver lo que ha hecho con te se merece lo peor".Media captionNicolás Maduro celebrates his victory.Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Diplomatic relations will be scaled back by 14 countries in the Americas, foreign ministers confirmed on Monday.Estados Unidos y fueron condenados a 18 años de cárcel y una multa de 50 mil dólares.Venezuela is suffering from food shortages stemming from its economic crisis and voter turnout was low.
Dallaltro c'è parte dellopinione pubblica, quella contraria al regime di Maduro, che vede dietro i fatti di sabato una macchinazione governativa per aumentare il pungo di ferro contro l'opposizione interna e distogliere l'attenzione internazionale dalla crisi economica devastante che attraversa il Paese.
Campo: "Que él es mi primo hermano".

Due to the opposition boycott, a win by Mr Maduro had been widely expected.The opposition, however, accused the CNE of inflating its figures and claimed the real number was closer.Mr Maduro and his supporters were jubilant.The main opposition coalition had warned that the election would not be free and fair.What observers were more interested in was to see how many Venezuelans would turn out to vote.Por ser Flores pues".No pueden hacerle nada a esos tipos ahorita no pueden".