Todos hemos pensado alguna vez que algo no es para nosotros, que no servirá de nada o que no será lo que esperamos.
57 During his time as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Venezuela's foreign policy stances included support for Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, and a turnaround in relations with Colombia.
153 In March 2018 former Colombian president Andrés Pastrana made reference to the baptism certificate of Maduro's mother, noting that the disclosed document reiterates the Colombian origin of the mother of the president and that therefore Nicolás Maduro camara oculta sexo amateur padre y madre has Colombian citizenship."Almagro: Maduro se transforma en dictador por negarles a venezolanos derecho a decidir su futuro"."Venezuelan Dictator Caught Scarfing Down Empanada During Live TV Address While His People Starve".The Maduro approach' to Venezuelan crisis deemed unsustainable by analysts"."Human rights activists say many Venezuelan protesters face abusive government treatment".S.l.: Brookings Institution Press.Juan Carlos Escort ( es head of Banesco, denied the allegations, although unnamed Banesco employees told The Miami Herald that it was Amaro's account and provided information that included his account number, full name and Venezuelan government identification number.Retrieved July 30, 2017.This choice was made due to Maduro's loyalty to Chávez and because of his good relations with other chavista hard-liners such as Elías Jaua, former minister Jesse Chacón and Jorge Rodríguez.A b c d "Venezuelan president's son, Nicolas Maduro., showered in dollar bills as economy collapses".Retrieved "Venezuela: OAS Should Invoke Democratic Charter".
185 Cabello sanctions On, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (ofac) of the United States Department of the Treasury placed sanctions in effect against high-level official Diosdado Cabello.

Retrieved 13 December 2012.Cuántas buenas oportunidades hemos desperdiciado a lo largo de nuestras vidas al guiarnos por esta actitud?El Supremo de Venezuela contradice la autobiografía del mandatario".Retrieved b Otis, John.156 In 2016, Maduro again claimed that the United States was attempting to assist the opposition with a coup attempt.Retrieved "Venezuela Says.S.Chatea en gay_maduros, crees que con el paso de los años es más difícil conocer a nuevas personas?"A 2016 Presidential Recall Seems Less and Less Likely".Retrieved "TSJ en el exilio decreta nulidad de elección de Maduro como presidente".
Maduro was unanimously adopted as the Socialist Party's candidate in that election.
Retrieved "En video: el hijo de Nicolás Maduro baila en una 'lluvia' de billetes".