Probably it is merely an allegorical fragment of a longer poem now lost.
This movement was hailed with x amor cam joy by the young men of Latin America, who are by nature more emotional and who live in a more voluptuous environment than their cousins in Spain; for they had come to chafe at the coldness of contemporary Spanish poetry.
It may occur in lines of any length; but in lines of five or six syllables the binary and ternary movements are generally mingled.
The poet seems to compare the nineteenth century, amidst the flames of furnaces and engines, to the fallen archangel in hell.Francisco Sosa, Mex., 1884; _Poetas yucatecos y tabasquenos.Epistola satirica: this epistle was addressed to Don Gaspar de Guzman, Conde-Duque de Olivares (d.IOh cuanto fueron mis entranas duras, 20 Pues no te abri!Al entrar en la ciudad, Parando en su yegua blanca, 15 Le dijo este a una mujer Que chat cam madrid entre sus brazos lloraba: -Enjuga el llanto, cristiana, No me atormentes asi, Que tengo yo, mi sultana, 20 Un nuevo Eden para.If the syllable after _a_-is stressed, dieresis usually occurs: A los que ahora aclama.Aire y luz, vida y flores, Busco en la vasta y fria Region que la inocente fantasia 20 Adornaba con magicos fulgores.A marked reaction against the grandiose exaggerations of later romanticism appears in the works of Jose selgas y Carrasco (1824-1882 a clever writer of simple, sentimental verses.
No la abandone 25 Tu amor, en tan inmensa desventura.

His _Obras completas in 5 vols., were published by the Spanish Academy, Madrid, la linea verde escena de sexo with introductory essays by Pastor Diaz and Canete.Most of his non-dramatic poems are in vol.193.-Olmedo: see preceding note.Their pure and dignified sonnets, odes and translations rank high.The red,-symbolical of bloodshed,-shall be largely replaced by the golden color of ripening grain,-symbolical of industry.IOh celestial momento!?Con que puede ya dar el labio mio El nombre augusto de la patria al viento?

Later he was exiled by Ferdinand VII, and was for five years a prisoner of state in a Spanish prison on the African coast.